About goParcel


goParcel started in early 2012 by James Marin and Taras Diakiw their vision is to become Australia‘s preferred express parcel delivery provider. Why preferred? We have an exceptional network of friendly couriers who deliver your item to you at a time that suits you 24/7. We use technology to help provide a service to our customers that is only available to goParcel.

The courier industry has historically been built around the logistics of the transport providers. At goParcel we continually look at the many issues facing the delivery industry and try to provide innovative solutions that actually meet your needs.

It seems trailblazing to have a parcel delivered at a time that you request, let alone within a three hour window to your door. Well we don‘t think it should be.

It is this drive that helped create our technology that connects local independent couriers to our parcel booking, live courier tracking and payment system.

Support us and forget the days of calling cards, lining up at the Post Office or waiting at home all day to receive that parcel.

In July 2014 James and Taras successfully sold goParcel to Zoom2u. The vision of goParcel continues under the brand of Zoom2u. Zoom2u was founded by Steve Orenstein in 2014, Steve saw a natural fit for goParcel inside of the Zoom2u family.

For more information on Zoom2u please visit www.zoom2u.com/aboutus/