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Transferring you now to the Zoom2u Booking Platform.

Product Review 2019 Awards Winner
Some quick facts about Zoom2u:
  • 1. Australian Owned.
  • 2. We have processed over 1M deliveries via our platform.
  • 3. Highest ranked courier platform in 2019

Seamless live tracking

Live on the map - live on your hand; to and from anywhere in Australia

See where your parcel is in real-time anywhere on the map. After your courier picks up your parcel, you will receive a link that will show you the real-time status of your delivery. You’ll also receive your couriers' contact details so that you can contact them directly if ever you need to. It’s convenience in delivery like nothing before.

Click on the link, receive the details and watch your courier go!

How it works

Step 1

Create Account

Simply provide your information and create a password to have access to Canberra express couriers.

Step 2

Click on Make a booking

Click on "Make a booking" which can be found on the bottom of the live map and on the left side menu.

Step 3

Fill up the order details and place booking.

Enter pick up and drop off details and choose the time you would want a courier to pick up your parcel. Select service; VIP, 3 hour or Same Day delivery.

Step 4

Receive tracking code

Track your courier and see where your parcel is live on your device.

Step 5

Booking Completed

Rate courier service and review delivery through photo or signed receipts.